Year: 2015
Denomination (BTC): 0.001
Material: plastic
Mintage: N/A
Weight (g): 11.5
Thickness (mm): 3
Diameter (mm): 40
Design, Manufacturer: Japan

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"What is Satori Coin?
Satori is a Japanese Buddhist term for awakening and is also commonly known as enlightenment. It is called Satori because of the life-altering power of Bitcoin. Many Bitcoin users will attest that they see their lives as divided into two main periods; before understanding Bitcoin and after understanding Bitcoin. Indeed, knowing Bitcoin can dramatically change your view on what may arguably be the most important matter in life, money.
Find out for yourselves what Bitcoin could teach you about money without the hassle of disclosing your identity to sign up for accounts and without the fear of remorse for purchasing something that could potentially be an expensive mistake. Go ahead, play around. Satori lowers the initial hurdle in obtaining Bitcoin, to the rock bottom, for enlightenment should be attainable for every one.
"Value does not exist outside the consciousness of man." Carl Menger
Mengerian economic principles served as a basis for the Austrian economists like Mises and Hayek. He stated that value does not exist in things, but in the minds of individuals who value them. So, does Bitcoin have value? That is up to you to decide."