• Status: Sold out
  • Released: 2 June 2015
  • Mintage: 510
  • Hologram: Series 3; Ravenbit Assembly
  • Composition: Brass (~85/15 copper/zinc alloy), g, 39mm; Bronze Antique Finish
  • Address List: 517 Public Addresses
  • Highest ANACS grade: MS-65
  • Notes: Sold in sets of 10 with public/private keys printed on 7 different color papers before being sealed behind the hologram. The  following is a list of the number of coins minted for each color: gray (430), green (27), yellow (18), violet (15), blue (12), red (9), orange (6). A total of 500 coins were sold in rolls of 10, with the remainder (17) being used for various projects: 7 were artificially toned and became part of the Node Bronze AT series (now sold out); and 4 were sent to ANACS to be graded (now for sale).

Ravenbit "NODE Bronze"
Bronze Physical Bit Coin
Condition: Brand New
Material: Brass with Antiqued Bronze Finish
Total Mintage #: 515
Weight: 0.93 oz.
Width: 39 mm

Coin comes unloaded with no crypto-currency.

This coin is brand new and will come sealed in an air-tite capsule with a velvet pouch, a single signature address, and the original multi-color high depth tamper-proof hologram on the back of the coin. This new hologam style shines different colors under various lighting conditions and just check out those pictures!

It can be loaded using the public key, the private key is beneath the hologram and was generated by the manufacturer. The first-bits of the public key in the images have been blacked out for anonymity and the full public key can be found on the listing at the manufacturers website. These coins have been minted 515 times and there won't be any other made. Get this great physical bit coin while they are available!