Year: 2016
Artist: Alix Branwyn
Title: pwned
Denomination (BTC): 100 Bits (1/10,000 of a bitcoin)
Material: Published on Hahnemühle museum quality paper with archival inks
Printing: Small (120), Medium (45), Large (35)
Funded: Yes
Certificate of Authenticity: Yes
Weight (g): -
Size (inch): Small (8.5" x 11"), Medium (18" x 24"), Large (24" x 30")
Manufacturer:  USA, Austin, TX
Additional description:“pwned” is a mash-up of Day of the Dead and the crypto culture.  If Bitcoin had its own Day of the Dead, we would remember and remind ourselves that, while Bitcoin the transaction network is incredibly secure, central repositories are not.  Do not park your coins long-term with a third party!