Year: 2014
Denomination (BTC): 1
Metal: 1 oz .999 fine silver
Mintage: 140
Weight (g): 31.1
Thickness (mm): 3
Diameter (mm): 39
Design, Manufacturer:

First: Multisignature. This way, you have your own password or passphrase on your side (Which you can print using a link we will provide you once the coin is created) and there is one password on our side (Which is inserted under the hologram on the coin). This solution come with a gold "Original" hologram pre-installed. This solution is the most secure you can get.

Second: Single-key signatures. This way, you have a password, created by us, under the hologram. This solution come with a gold "Original" hologram. This solution also come with a gold "Original" hologram pre-installed.This solution is also secure, but you have to trust us (We create and print the key round on an offline computer and a dumb printer, also, the hard drive is encrypted and files are securely deleted)

Third: DIY. This way, you receive three silver "Personal" hologram (In case you make a mistake applying it on the coin). You need to create your round key and address rectangle to be inserted under the hologram