Year: 2013-2014
Denomination (LTC): 1
Metal: silver
Mintage: N/A
Weight (g): 25.2
Thickness (mm): 3
Diameter (mm): 39
Design, Manufacturer: N/A

"How many Zinodaur Physical Litecoins will be made?
There will only ever be 3000 unloaded coins with this design and 1000 loaded coins (with added security features- not yet for sale.) Once all 3000 unloaded coins and the 1000 loaded coins sell out, there will be no more coins minted with this design. There will only ever be 5000 original Zinodaur holograms made, once all 5000 have been sold, the replacement hologram will have a slightly different design, likely with the year they are made on them so they are easily distinguishable from the originals. By only releasing the original coins and holograms in limited quantities, we hope to increase the collectors value of the coins & holograms (although we cannot promise this.) Over time as coins get redeemed, the original holograms will become more and more rare. Also, coins in pristine condition will become more and more rare over time, be careful when handling your coins because dropping them from about the waist high can damage the coins (hardly noticeable, but you can see it upon close examination.)"